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Nakula Familiar Inn
Jalan Nakula No. 4
Denpasar, Bali


If arriving by Taxi:

A taxi ride from the airport should cost you about 200,000 Rupiah.


Unfortunately, there is another Jalan Nakula in Seminyak and this often causes confusion with taxi drivers, especially if you are coming from the airport. To avoid this, mention the following:

"Please take me to the Nakula Familiar Inn, at Jalan Nakula Number 4. It is the Jalan Nakula near Pasar Badung and Pasar Satria in Denpasar, not the Jalan Nakula in Seminyak."

Or in simple Indonesian:

"Tolong bawa saya ke Nakula Familiar Inn, di Jalan Nakula nomor empat (4). Jalan Nakula dekat Pasar Badung dan Pasar Satria di Denpasar, bukan Jalan Nakula di Seminyak."

Please Note:
The front gates are locked at 12am (midnight) and are opened again at 6am. If you arrive after this time, please feel free to ring the bell at the front gate.

GPS Position:
Latitude =   8°39'4.61"S
Longitude = 115°12'50.24"E

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